At Aspen Peak Advisors we have a track record of success and a process for repeating it. We pride ourselves on working with investment product that embodies exceptional talent, investment rigor, and high ethical standards. Our expertise is in sourcing innovative solutions that are typically undiscovered and under the radar of large institutions; solutions designed to achieve absolute-return, alpha-enhancement and beta-hedging with a stringent regard for capital preservation as their cornerstone.

The investment opportunities we present to professional, qualified investors are in the asset class known as “Alternative Assets”.  Alternative strategies are implemented by managers that seek to generate an absolute return, independent of the direction of the overall stock and bond markets. They accomplish this either by investing in carefully researched event-driven situations, through active hedging of stock and bond investments, or by investing in inefficient areas where experienced competition is limited.  These investments include, among other things, top-tier hedge funds, venture capital funds, real estate funds, private and public companies, and other boutique managers which we believe have a defensible, relatively unexploited strategy.

Alternative Assets and traditional market indices have a low correlation to one another.   Including Alternative Assets in a portfolio that has exposure to the traditional asset classes can enhance returns, reduce volatility and provide diversification to a sophisticated investor’s portfolio.

We have particular depth of knowledge in structuring limited partnership interests, Reg D offerings in primary distribution, and co-investment vehicles such as private LLCs. These are discreet transactions using a very personal, high contact, deep research model.

The investors we work with include family offices, private wealth managers and their affluent clients, corporations and public plans, endowment funds, and foundations.

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Courtney Clark

Securities offered through Silver Leaf Partners, LLC, MetLife Building 200 Park Avenue, Floor 17 New York, NY 10166  member FINRA, MSRB